Operating as STIR Agency, I worked on a team of 15 rising advertising students to create a campaign for Leo Burnett's new Business Department on their client UntiedHealth Group. We created a pitch targeting their employees with the main goal of activating them as brand ambassadors for the company.

Defining the Problem

Our team of Account Planners and Brand Managers highlighted several issues within the UnitedHealth Group employee base. The largest of which was the lack of companywide messaging and unified support for employee volunteer participation.

Our messaging had to include not only the idea that employees are valued, but also that their work is making a much larger impact on the world as they work together both in the office and in their communities.

One of the features of the campaign was centralizing the volunteer options for employees to select from. Included in this was a nomination feature that allowed teammates to nominate each other for excellent work. 

We also wanted to introduce UnitedDay. A time when employees can come out and work together for one day to support a worthy cause in one large, measurable, and world changing way. the team liked this idea not only because of it's integration with the volunteer programs already present, but also because of the potential to bond employees across departments and offices though the volunteer work they are already doing through their own drive.